Organic Vegetable Seeds for Planting – 13 Varieties


Introducing 13 irresistible veggie varieties for your organic garden! Plant tomato, spinach, kale, and more to sprout a feast bursting with nutrients. Freshness matters, and with 950+ natural, GMO-free seeds, your plate will be brimming with deliciousness. Join the ethical food movement with Rebel Gardens’ 100% recycled seed packets and compostable packaging. Be a rebel, grow your greens, and make a statement against wasteful consumption.



Discover the ultimate organic gardening experience with Rebel Gardens’ remarkable seed collection. Embrace the variety with 13 irresistible veggie options, including radish (150 seeds), arugula (300 seeds), broccoli (29 seeds), bok choy (30 seeds), cucumber (14 seeds), onion (75 seeds), jalapeno (20 seeds), spinach (30 seeds), squash (15 seeds), beefsteak tomato (20 seeds), carrots (130 seeds), red cherry tomatoes (30 seeds), and kale (120 seeds). Elevate your garden with an abundance of fresh and flavorful homegrown goodness.